Neogram® is an agribiotech company created in early 2011, with the purpose of increasing plant biomass conversion in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we have developed a non-GMO PreBreeding platform that effectively enhances tropical and subtropical pastureland productivity.

The Core Team

BSc & MSc in Biology
Business orientated

Camila Petignat

Founder & CEO

BSc & MSc in Biology
PhD in Chemistry

Anabella Fassiano

Founder & CTO

BSc & MSc in Biology
Microbiology orientated

Pedro Duarte

Lab & Field Manager

Our Support

We work in a multidiciplinary way with the best local experts in pasture genetics, breeding, technology transfer & business, to complement our strengths and core capabilities. From the beginning we have been working in collaboration with leading institutions to effectively achieve our goals. So far we have raised financial support from different sources.

Advisory Board

Dr. Gustavo Schrauf

Dr. Gustavo Schrauf

Specialist in forage genetics. Professor at FAUBA. IncUBAagro Director

Dra. Karina Grunberg

Dra. Karina Grunberg

Forage breeding specialist. CONICET researcher at INTA

Dra. Cecilia López

Dra. Cecilia López

Technology Transfer & Project Management specialist. MIT Alumni

Gabriel D'Eboli

Gabriel D'Eboli

Business development specialist. Member of IAE Business School-NAVES Competition



The Technology

Diversity is the basis for the development of new plant varieties and improvements in breeding. Our non-GMO PreBreeding platform aims to boost the plants potential by inducing diversity within the plant genome and identifying traits associated with biomass conversion using unique selection methodologies.



The PreBreeding platform enables our clients to acquire significant improvements, through precision breeding, in short time and in a much more cost-effective way. This technology can easily be implemented as part of any breeding program.

While GM technologies are expensive and have intellectual property restrictions, our non-GMO platform allows for products to be commercially deployed worldwide more efficiently.


We are currently developing GRAMAX, the first product from our platform. We have successfully achieved a better biomass conversion creating a new Rhodes Grass variety with higher digestibility.



GRAMAX is a new high-quality pasture. Its higher digestibility increases the conversion efficiency from grass into meat or milk, generating two positive impacts: Increased livestock productivity and reduced methane emissions.


GRAMAX showed higher field trial performance reaching 12% more digestibility than other varieties.

Applications in Biomass conversion

Plant Breeders need to accelerate the creation and delivery of improved varieties to address the increasing global demand for food, fiber and fuels.

A better biomass conversion is a desired outcome for bioethanol, forestry and textil industries. Our PreBreeding platform has the potential to enhance the biomass conversion in other crops: possibilities are vast.




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